Friday, November 20, 2009

[Tutorial] How to use Layer Diagrams in Visual Studio 2010 for Architecture Validation Part 2

In this part of the series we will create the Modeling Project and the Layer Diagram that will later be used for the Architecture Validation of the example project that was introduced in the last article.

Add Modeling Project and Layer Diagram

  • Add a new project of type Modeling Project


  • Add a new diagram of type Layer Diagram within the new Modeling Project


  • Add 4 layers to the Layer Diagram and name them Presentation Layer, Service Layer, Business Layer and Data Layer
  • Connect each layer using a simple arrow and give each layer a different color in their properties


  • You should now have 16 projects including the new Modeling Project with the Layer Diagram


  • Add references into the Modeling Project from all other projects, so you will be able to access their namespaces and classes in the next parts of the tutorial



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