Roberto Agnoli
General Management - Cloud Computing
MEGA International
“I have known Jason for more than 2 years while he has been working in MEGA R&D and significantly contributing to the innovation of our technical platform. Jason is a visionary CTO and a real team-player. He is always willing to help and contribute. We have been working together on multiple topics and he has been key in unblocking some complex customer situations, with a true customer satisfaction mindset. His professional network is impressive and has helped us multiple times, for example in fostering our partnership with Microsoft. Working with him is a pleasure and I would recommend him for any collaboration.”
Arnaud Fontaine
IoT Solution Sales, EMEA Global Blackbelt
“I used to collaborate with Jason since 2010 when he was a .Net ranger as Sogeti. His strong expertise on Microsoft technologies were always a decisive factor on complex projects. I discovered a much more talented professional when Jason joined Mega International as a CTO. Able to align teams with complete different backgrounds. Able to solve both technical and business development issues. Jason was key when Mega International and Microsoft started discussions how Microsoft Azure could accelerate the SaaS strategy of Mega International solutions. I definitively recommend Jason professionalism and human qualities.”
Nicolas Clerc
Cloud Architect - Technical Evangelist
“Jason was the key actor to building a strong technical partnership between MEGA International and Microsoft France. As CTO, he is leading a technical platform transformation project, which allowed MEGA to become a highly recognizable SaaS actor. We have actively worked together to design and build some parts of the future architecture of the platform, using advanced cloud patterns and PaaS services. Jason constantly involves his teams in workshops, hackathons and events, always inspiring a continuous learning culture around him. He is always willing to share his knowledge and passion as a speaker at official Microsoft events as well as in his highly recommendable articles and books.”
Cedric Thomas
Partner Manager
“I am working with Jason since more than a year now. We have been collaborating to build a strong partnership between MEGA International and Microsoft France. He is successfully leading a technical platform transformation based on the latest market standards and technologies to support MEGA in its strategic shift towards a modern SaaS business model. Jason is constantly identifying new business, co-selling and communication opportunities for both companies. One example is the new MEGA HOPEX GDPR solution for which we have joined forces. I would recommend him for any collaboration!”
Olivier Djomby
Associate Director Digital Services
“I had the opportunity to work with Jason in his position as the CTO of Cellenza. Jason is a multi-talented, highly skilled, results oriented individual capable of producing very visible value added contributions with a very short turnaround. He is a fast learner and a hard worker with an ability to quickly comprehend complex business and industrial processes in very sensitive project environments. His creative and adaptive agile working mindset brought clarity and improved user experience to an application long awaited by our end users. Most of all, his intervention was instrumental in reversing the course of a critical project, hence helping our team win back the confidence and trust of a significant stakeholder.”
Benoit Launay
Product Manager
“It's been a pleasure to work with Jason. Highly professional, technically savvy and paying attention to details are among the qualities which enabled us to greatly collaborate through common marketing engagements in order to grow the developpement tools business.”
Frederic Germane
Technical Architect
Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking
“Jason is working for us as a Technical Architect on our Continuous Delivery Program as well as on our global SOA Transformation. He is a rigorous, serious and motivated professional. He has a wide range of knowledge and expertise in the IT industry. Moreover, he is positive minded, which is a highly valuable quality in difficult contexts.”
Bruno Boucard
Agile Coach and Software Craftsman
Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking
“Jason is a real expert about technical architectures and the Microsoft technologies. He is fully committed, provides on time ad-hoc solutions. He has the best quality that you can expect : honesty and accountability. It's a pleasure to work with him.”
Jean-Sebastien Armand
Head of Development
Axa Direct Solutions
“Jason is very knowledgeable in IT and very reliable when making commitments. He is also a great team player and very helpful to provide efficient solutions to complex problems (technical or not). I was very happy to have him and the other Cellenza consultants in my team and I would be delighted to work with them again on future projects.”
Michel Rotteleur
Software Architect
Nouvel R Consulting
“Along with a broad and excellent technological vision, Jason has always demonstrated a rigorous and methodic mindset. He is a proactive person, determined to find solutions. Among other skills, he also has a deep understanding of agile practices, as well as a great leadership power.”
Nicolas Chiquet
Product Manager
“Jason is a very nice person to work with. He has the ability to see the big picture of projects very quickly. He is a dedicated and hard working person with high technical skills. I have contracted him and other Cellenza consultants multiple times and I was always very happy with our collaboration and the high value it provided. I hope to work with him in the future and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”
Tilak Yalamanchili
Global Biz Dev Director - Cloud Services
Sogeti (Capgemini)
“I have worked with Jason on executing our initiative called Sogeti Azure Privilege Club. I couldn't have asked for a better architect and program manager to deliver our Azure Projects in France. He is the person that I have relied on to not only tackle the obstacles but also to articulate the value proposition of cloud that makes our customers benefit more than ever. He sets an example to fellow colleagues at Sogeti and has the characteristics of strong leadership.”
François Guth
VP Business Unit Manager
Sogeti (Capgemini)
“I’ve been working with Jason for one year. Jason is an excellent Solutions Architect, a well-known MVP and Sogeti .Net Ranger, a leader with strong knowledge on latest technologies such as the Windows Azure platform. Jason is focused on customers, business development and innovation. Jason writes interesting articles, he is very efficient and always available for his collegues. As a manager, it’s a great pleasure to work with Jason, I highly recommend him for any collaboration !”
François Merand
Microsoft Alliance, National Practice Leader
Sogeti (Capgemini)
“I have worked with Jason for one year and half : I have learned that he is a hard working and conscientious contributor with the ability to adapt to ever-changing business circumstances. Jason is a lead contributor ! He consistently makes efforts to ensure missions are completed on time, with the best quality. Jason is passionate by technologies, with deep skills around Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Computing. I highly recommend Jason ! He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.”
Marc Goffaux
Practice Manager
Sogeti (Capgemini)
“Jason is an efficient manager, a famous architect and a very high level specialist of Microsoft technologies. He has strong management skills and all technical problems seem very simple when handled by Jason ! It was a real pleasure for me to work with him.”
Vincent Thavonekham
SaaS MS Azure & Agile ALM Project Leader
General Electric Healthcare
“When working on a worldwide partnership between Microsoft and GE, Jason has always been present (anytime of the day!) to address rapidly and reliably our urgent matters. His MVP award (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) confirms his passion and devotion he has got on technologies. Also, he is fond of Agility/Scrum and we had real fun getting certified as ScrumMaster during the same training course back in 2010.”
Sylvain Marangon
Software Architect
“Jason is someone who can share his passion, knowledge and its potential with others to help integrate new skills. With his help we were able to quickly integrate the best practices necessary for a good approch of the Azure platform in our company. It would be a pleasure to work again with him on others projects.”
Lionel Castang
VP Sales & Marketing
“I have appointed Jason for an initial audit of our software architecture and he did a great job in few days. That's why I have decided to pursue our collaboration and to have on-going high consulting support from him in my company.”
Ravy Truchot
Chief Operation Officer
“Jason is a fantastic person to work with. He is a one of the best solution architect I've ever met. He always ready to put all his energy and stamina to get the job done. Innovative professional with a very strong dedication to work. Always maintains very good relation with co-workers and clients.”
Daniel Tizon
Manager du Pôle Génie Logiciel
“Jason is a very good Solutions Architect, reliable and customer oriented.”
Jean-Luc Boucho
Solutions Architect - Windows Azure Leader
“Jason is an excellent architect, especially on Windows platforms. He is an active leader on latest Microsoft technologies, and helps community by writing regular papers and maintaining his interesting blog. He has a real interest and knowledge of the Windows Azure platform, and I had the pleasure to work and write articles with him on this absorbing subject. I simply highly recommend him for any collaboration.”
Martin Ramsey
Trading Software Project Manager
Total Gas and Power
“Jason is an experienced strategic architect with up to date knowledge of the latest technologies and best practice.”
Marjorie Saelen
Business Analyst Manager
Total Gas and Power
“Jason is an excellent architect. I appreciate working with him to attain my project goals. Efficient, precise and accurate, always on time, so many qualities that make him someone reliable and appreciated.”
Christophe Fraysse
Product Manager
PDF Solutions
“I am Product Manager within the company PDF Solutions where Jason has worked under my responsibility as Software Architect .NET and Oracle between February 2006 and May 2008. Jason joined the product team in February 2006, first as a subcontractor then as an employee of PDF Solutions. Jason has actively participated in the redesign of an application of data collection, analysis and storage, a component that is the heart of our main product today. The constraints to use this application are very important:
  • Industrial production 24h/24h, 7j/7j
  • High volume databases (several Tb of data)
Given these constraints, the architecture had to be very robust, while offering enough flexibility to be adaptable to the various customer sites. Our customers are the biggest players in the semiconductor world, mainly located in Asia (Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore). From a technical point of view (Technology .NET, Oracle 10g), Jason has demonstrated his ability to identify and propose different solutions for architecture, always concerned to argue and validate his choices for selecting the best solutions. Jason was able to familiarize with the Rational tools (Rational Unified Process), and to share his expertise in UML with the team. In situations of integration of our application on site, Jason has always been very available and reactive to fix issues under stress conditions. He always did this very efficiently. From a management point of view, Jason supervised teams of subcontractor Software Architects and Software Developers (mainly offshore), putting forward his communication and planning skills while always asking the same discipline from the subcontractors that he asks from himself. Jason has been able to handle most of the problems by himself, with a very high autonomy and using escalation to his management only when it was really necessary. From a relational point of view, Jason integrated very quickly with the rest of the team. Beyond his native language - German – and his high level in English, he made effort and desired to develop his French skills which he masters nearly perfectly today. Showing himself highly available, he has always answered positively to requests from others members of the team and also to those of other services (Test, Support). As a manager, it was a real pleasure to work with Jason and a real pain to see him leaving the team. I highly recommend Jason as Software Architect and would not hesitate to entrust management tasks to him which I know he aspires. I wish him all the best to succeed in both professional and family matters.”
Anne Francois (Pleuchot)
Senior Architect - Oracle Expert
“I worked with Jason on a software project for semiconductor production industry (FDC). I was there as an Oracle expert. Jason was project manager. Jason is really efficient, reliable and has high technical skills. He quickly gets the global view of the project as well as the details. He is also known for his sense of humor, reinforced by his German accent when he speaks French! Really nice to work with him! I highly recommend him.”
Philippe Lelong
Président Directeur Général
BL Informatique
“Je recommande tout particulièrement Jason, pour ses qualités humaines, ses compétences techniques et managériales de Chef de Projets et son sens professionnel que j'ai pu tester lors de notre collaboration.”
Franck Chartier
Directeur Commercial
BL Informatique
“Jason a été un très bon élément au sein de BL Informatique. Il intervenait principalement sur des missions de Chef de Projet ou de Coordinateur Technique. Ses compétences techniques et son profil multi-langues sont des atouts sur des projets internationaux.”
Etienne Rietzler
BL Informatique
“Je vous recommande chaudement M. De Oliveira. Jason est très professionnel. Il réalise pour nous une mission de pilotage de projet comprenant :
  • Conception UML
  • Project Management
  • Test Management
  • Bug Management
  • Méthodologie RUP (Rational Unified Process)
  • Outils RSM, Test Manager, ClearQuest, Requisite Pro.
Ses travaux et interventions ont gagné la satisfaction de tous et en particulier de nos clients.”
Carsten Goldman
Manager Application Services
SNT Deutschland AG
“I have worked with Jason for some years. He is an absolute reliable person who always wanted to go to an advanced level. His recommendations were always elaborate and innovative. He was one my most competent and valued employees..”
Martin Günther
Martin Günther Consulting
“Jason de Oliveira was the IT coordinator in the launch of a shift planning and time account software for SNT Deutschland, one of Germany's major call center operators. He reported to me as I was the project manager. The cooperation was very pleasant and successful; Jason de Oliveira is a very results and target oriented team player. When he joined this project, the quality of IT contributions improved sharply; thanks to his thorough planning, all technical components were implemented in good quality and coordination. He achieved all this in an environment that required a considerable amount of autonomy, leadership and tenacity - he proved to have all these qualities to a high degree. I enjoyed very much working with him and would be delighted to have him on a project again.”