Thursday, June 10, 2010

[VS 2010] Visualization & Modeling Feature Pack for VS 2010

Microsoft has released its first Visualization & Modeling Feature Pack for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. It adds new functionality to Visual Studio 2010 and is completely free for MSDN Subscribers. The new UML features really help and are indispensible in your daily work when modeling and working with code at the same time.

Feature Pack Content

Increased Visualization Support

  • Visualization of native C++ code
  • Visualization of WAP / Web Sites / ASP.NET MVC code

Increased UML support

  • Source Code Generation from UML Class diagrams
  • UML Class Diagram Generation from Source Code
  • Architecture Explorer can finally be used to populate the Modeling Store in Modeling Projects (we waited for that!)
  • XMI 2.1 Import of UML Class / Sequence / Use Case elements
  • Create and view links from Work Items to model elements

Increased support for Layer Diagram Extensibility

  • Creation and validation of Layer Diagrams for C and C++ native code
  • Possibility to write custom code to create, modify, and validate Layer Diagrams.

MSDN Download Link

You can download it from here (MSDN Subscribers only):