Monday, November 9, 2009

[WCF] TechED 2009 - New features of WCF 4.0

Today I attended at a Session by Christian Weyer that contained information on the new features of WCF 4.0. There are no big changes but many ameliorations that make it much easier and much more comfortable to work with WCF.

WCF is very flexible and easy to use, but there are also some down-sides such as the configuration file management. There are many switches and elements that need to be mastered, configured and maintained.
The next version of WCF will include default settings that will minimize the need to have very verbose configuration files if standard settings are used.

Furthermore, there are now protocol mappings that can be customized and redefined.

A big new feature are the new Routing functionalities. They can be used to have a single entry point for all client requests, that are then dispatched internally to the right business services. The business services can use completely different protocols and bindings. Routing tables and filters can be used to configure routing rules.

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WCF services can now be made discoverable, which is also a quite interesting new feature that may fit very well in some use cases.

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Rest support was largely enhanced and dynamic content types are now also supported (a feature that already exists in ADO.NET Data Services since some time).

There are some additional little tweaks that further enhance the overall WCF experience.

Don't hesitate and navigate to the Blog of the speaker. He really did a good job and managed to do quite and interesting session.


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