Friday, November 20, 2009

[Tutorial] How to use Layer Diagrams in Visual Studio 2010 for Architecture Validation Part 1

Visual Studio 2010 includes many new features for architects including Layer Diagrams and Architecture Validation. Architects may use Layer Diagrams to either build a new system from scratch and assure its coherence or understand and validate existing systems. The following series of articles will show how to use these new features. You will see how powerful they can become to assure good design - and that it is really easy to do!

CodePlex Example Project

I searched on CodePlex for a good example of an application that has a Layered Architecture. I found ExpenseSample-V3.5, which is very well adapted. This project is written in .NET 3.5 and is based on the following architecture as described in the CodePlex documentation.


Since this is a .NET 3.5 project it should be converted to .NET 4.0, which is done by using the built in wizard. The project converts very well and there are no errors.


When opening the solution you will find 15 projects that are divided into different layers (Business, Data, Hosts, Services, UI).


To assure that the application still works after the .NET 4.0 conversion, we need to build it. The build also works without any errors, which means that everything is in place for the next steps of the tutorial.




Unknown said...

Hi, What IDE did you use to draw that diagram (to draw these layers...)?

Jason De Oliveira said...

I have used Visual Studio 2010!