Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[Architecture] Microsoft Application Architecture Guide 2nd Edition now available

The second edition of Microsoft’s Guide on Architecture by “patterns & practices”, that was also presented during TechED 2009, is now available for download as PDF and online as HTML version. There is even a printed version that you can buy at Amazon.


The guide covers all current architecture styles and serves as “Map” to help us in our architectural decisions from a Microsoft point of view. It has changed since the last versions that were available on CodePlex.  Meaning that a review is also interesting for people, that already know and use the guide in their daily work.

The guide helps you to:

  • Understand the underlying architecture and design principles and patterns for developing successful solutions on the Microsoft platform and the .NET Framework.
  • Identify appropriate strategies and design patterns that will help you design your solution's layers, components, and services.
  • Identify and address the key engineering decision points for your solution.
  • Identify and address the key quality attributes and crosscutting concerns for your solution.
  • Create a candidate baseline architecture for your solution.
  • Choose the right technologies for your solution.
  • Identify patterns & practices solution assets and further guidance that will help you to implement your solution.

In my opinion it is a useful guide that does a good job in presentation all the rich possibilities of today's architecture and project solutions to customer problems. The first chapters also serve as an introduction to software architecture.

If you are interested in architecture and working in the Microsoft environment I highly advise you to take a look and integrate it into your architectural decision making.

Here are the links to the different versions of the guide: 


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