Friday, June 19, 2009

[Tutorial] Installing Windows HPC Server 2008 in Hyper-V
Part 5 – Configuring the Compute Nodes for the HPC Cluster

The last part showed the Head Node configuration. This part explains the Compute Nodes setup of the “Compute Node” Virtual Machines in Hyper-V. The Compute Nodes do the calculations and execute the jobs that they received from the Head Node in the HPC Cluster.

  • Start the “Head Node” Virtual Machine but do not insert anything into the Virtual Machines DVD drive, go into the cluster management console and select to add Compute Nodes


  • Select to deploy the Compute Nodes from an operation system image


  • Start the “Compute Node” Virtual Machines but do not insert anything into the Virtual Machines DVD drive


  • Now switch back to the Head Node, select the Node Template and the Compute Nodes in the list that you want to deploy




  • After the deployment was finished verify in the node list that the Compute Nodes were correctly deployed (they should appear Offline)


  • Activate the compute nodes by bringing them online, the HPCS cluster is now fully configured and jobs can be submitted and executed



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