Monday, June 15, 2009

[Tutorial] Installing Windows HPC Server 2008 in Hyper-V
Part 3 – Configuring the Domain Controller for the HPC Cluster

The last part showed the Virtual Machines configuration. This part explains the Domain Controller setup of the “DNS” Virtual Machine in Hyper-V that is necessary for the HPC cluster setup. The Domain Controller serves to simulate the enterprise network in a real environment.

  • Start the “DNS” Virtual Machine and insert the “SRVHPC_EN.iso” into the Virtual Machines DVD drive
  • Boot from the ISO and Install Windows Server 2008 using the standard configuration
  • Use “dcpromo” to install the Active Directory Domain Services binaries and to promote the Server to a Domain Controller


  • Create a new domain in a new forest and give it a FQDN of “HPC.Test”
  • Set the forest functional level to Windows Server 2008
  • Activate the DNS function in the additional Domain Controller options


  • Verify the configuration and start the operation


  • After the operation was finished, go into the Network Connection configuration and open the Network Card configuration


  • Deactivate the TCP/IPv6 check-box and open the TCP/IPv4 configuration


  • Configure a static IP address, that will be used for the Domain Controller


  • In the next step add the DHCP role to the Domain Controller


  • Configure the DHCP service so that it serves clients on the static IP


  • Add a scope and give it a meaningful name


  • Verify the installation selections and install the DHCP services



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