Friday, June 19, 2009

[Tutorial] Installing Windows HPC Server 2008 in Hyper-V
Part 4 – Configuring the Head Node for the HPC Cluster

The last part showed the Domain Controller configuration. This part explains the Head Node setup of the “Head Node” Virtual Machine in Hyper-V. The Head Node acts as main entry point for jobs and central managing and administration entity for the whole HPC Cluster.

  • Start the “Head Node” Virtual Machine and insert the “SRVHPC_EN.iso” into the Virtual Machines DVD drive
  • Boot from the ISO and Install Windows Server 2008 using the standard configuration
  • After the installation was completed, reboot and insert the “HPCEval.iso” into the Virtual Machines DVD drive and start the HPC Pack installation


  • Select to create a new HPC Cluster and a new database instance


  • Install the required components and then start the cluster management console in the next step


  • In the cluster management To-do list, select to configure the network


  • Select the topology with all nodes on enterprise and private networks, specify a static IP address for the Head Node private network and use the firewall default settings


  • Add the domain user credentials to the cluster user group


  • Configure the Compute Node naming series and supply the base image that will later be used for the automatic deployment of Compute Nodes for the HPC Cluster (use the “SRVHPC_EN.iso” in the Virtual Machines DVD drive for this purpose, point to the “setup.exe” file)

Head_Node_HPC_Pack13 Head_Node_HPC_Pack15 Head_Node_HPC_Pack17


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