Friday, November 14, 2014

[.NET 2015] Open-Source and Cross-Platform for .NET

Some major news have been announced this week: .NET is going open-source (Core Stack from ASP.NET to the Runtime and the Framework) and cross-platform (Linux, Mac, etc…). That could as well be the most important announcement in the IT industry since years and maybe even the most impacting one for the coming years in the future !

The .NET 2015 Wave

It effectively means that could can review the platform source code as well as extend and participate in the future of .NET. Yes, you can be a direct actor and add features that you would like to see or help fixing bugs ! There will be some governance processes but open source means that will now have all the goodness of community driven projects while maintaining the support of Microsoft. I think that this is a major shift in how Microsoft is pushing forward its development technologies and I am very happy in how it is done !

And if this would not be enough, they have also announced that .NET is coming to Linux and Mac, which effectively means that you can run your applications nearly everywhere in the future !

Another big announcement is the next version of Visual Studio 2015 as well as the Community Edition, which is going to be free for educational and community usages. Now you have everything to actively participate and write code for .NET while using your preferred Development IDE (depending on the usage even for free) and the public .NET github repository. Microsoft now embraces the community in wyas we have never seen before !


The future is shining bright ! Lets make .NET the platform of the future together, everyone in the community is concerned and I hope that many of the experts of the other languages will at least try it out and maybe use it extensively when they see that it is really a very powerful and efficient platform.

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