Friday, May 17, 2013

[WinRT - Prism] Prism for Windows Runtime goes live !

This Friday 17th of Mai “Prism for Windows Runtime” is going live. This project is also known under the code name “Kona” by the patterns & practices team. It provides guidance on how to develop Windows Store Business Applications (basically Windows 8 applications).

It contains information on how to build loosely coupled, maintainable and testable applications based on the MVVM pattern for Windows Runtime (WinRT) with a focus on Line of Business (LoB) and Business to Consumer (BtC) applications.

Prism for Windows Runtime contents

  • A sample application “AdventureWorks Shopper” representing a real Windows Store application that you might find in the Windows Store. It has gone through the same approval processes all Windows Store applications have to go through.
  • This sample application demonstrates all the aspects of what Prism for Windows Runtime contains and how to apply them to your applications.
  • The Microsoft.Practices.Prism.StoreApps library, which contains code for implementing the MVVM pattern on WinRT. This means base classes, pages, ViewModels, a ViewModelLocator, application state management, validation, search and settings charms, etc...
  • The Microsoft.Practices.Prism.PubSubEvents library, which is basically the Prism 4.0 CompositePresentationEvent pub/sub events code moved to a Portable Class Library (PCL).
  • Quickstart examples and a thorough documentation

I was working on it together with Microsoft and the other members of the Developer Guidance Council in the lasts months, so I am happy to announce that it is available for the public now.

The release announcement on the blog can be found here:

The final resources (code, documentation, examples, etc…) can be found here:

The official CodePlex site can be found here :

You can also find a Channel 9 webcast on the subject :

There is also a Pluralsight course "Building Windows Store Business Apps with Prism" by Brian Noyes available here :

I will show you some examples in the next weeks if I get the time to prepare them for you. But if you can’t wait, just download the guidance from CodePlex and play with it. It is really easy to use and should give you all information necessary to build effective and robust Windows Store applications.


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