Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Guide] Visual Studio Test Tooling Guidance
Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes

The ALM Rangers have recently published a guide on their page “Visual Studio Test Tooling Guidance” with best practice on Unit Testing and the Microsoft Fakes Framework with thorough examples and Hands-On Labs called “v1.0 - Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes”.


I really recommend looking into the guide since it contains a rich set of information on how to start using the Fakes Framework as well as how to use it in advanced scenarios.

And if you are already reviewing guides, please also take a look at all the other guides that are available on the site such as :


Happy reading and feel free to add comments with other guides that you find useful around software testing and especially the Microsoft Fakes Framework.

If you don’t know what the Microsoft Fakes Framework is, please stay tuned, since I am going to give you a first overview of its features and some examples in a future blog post series on this subject in the next weeks.


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