Thursday, April 28, 2011

[C# and Language] DevLabs Website

Microsoft is working constantly on new incubation projects to extend existing language features and add new ones. Some of the early versions of those new features can be tested on the DevLabs website. When they are considered to be accepted and they have finished their incubation period they are moved to the respective product sections (as it was done for the Reactive Extensions) or are directly integrated into the corresponding products such as Visual C#.


Currently there are the following incubation projects available:

  • TC Labs: Solver Foundation (build and solve real optimization models)
  • TC Labs: TPL DataFlow (extensions to the .NET 4.0 TPL addressing additional scenarios)
  • TC Labs: Dryad (process large volumes of data in many types of applications and enable LINQ on HPC systems)
  • TC Labs: Sho (connect IronPython scripts with compiled .NET code for fast and flexible prototyping)
  • Doloto (AJAX Download Time Optimizer)
  • Code Contracts (extensions to the existing .NET 4.0 version)
  • Axum (parallel applications development based on the actor model)
I am personally currently looking into TPL DataFlow, CodeContracts and Axum (since some time already) and will take some time to give you feedback on my experience in the next weeks.


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