Monday, July 20, 2009

[Tutorial] ADO.NET Data Services
Part 2 – Using the Entity Framework

This part of the series explains how to use the Entity Framework in combination with ADO.NET Data Services. This is the most easy and quickest way to provide access to a Data Source that can be addressed by the Entity Framework.

  • Add a new Item of type ADO.NET Entity Data Model

ADO Data Services - Part 2 - 01

  • Generate a new model from the AdventureWorks DB in your SQL Server (you might need to install it see my Entity Framework Tutorial if you need help on this)

ADO Data Services - Part 2 - 02

ADO Data Services - Part 2 - 03

  • Change the Data Service code and add as type the newly generated AdventureWorksEntities

ADO Data Services - Part 2 - 04


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