Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Information] New adventure begins ! Cellenza here I come !

Just a quick note to inform you that I am leaving Capgemini Sogeti to work for Cellenza as CTO. This is going to be quite an adventure and I thank Cellenza in trusting me with this high responsibility.


You will see much activity around Cellenza in the next weeks. I am glad to announce that there are some very bright and intelligent people that I am going to work with. Also we are hiring so please contact me if you are interested in joining us !


Monday, November 5, 2012

[Publication] Article in French Programmez Magazine on Portable Class Library with Visual Studio 2012

You can find an article of 3 pages on how to use the Portable Class Library (PCL) with Visual Studio 2012 in the French Programmez magazine No.157 written by me and Fathi Bellahcene.


First Page and Second Page (low resolution)

Third Page (low resolution)

The article is written in French, but this time I have already written a blog post in English on how to use the PCL with Visual Studio 2012 on my blog, which you can find here.